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The Lawrence ArmsThe Greatest Story Ever ToldChapter 13: the Hero Appears
The Lawrence ArmsGhost StoriesLight Breathing
the City Streetsthe Jazz Agethe Jazz Age
We Were Promised JetpacksIn the Pit of the StomachPear Tree
PallersThe Sea of MemoriesHumDrum
Color Fleetthe Color Fleet EPAnimals
Laura Stevenson and the CansepA Shine to It
Living With LionsFree Healthcare and MP3'sa Bottle of Charades
the story changesConstellation
Against Me!Searching for a Former ClarityDon't Lose Touch
TennisYoung & OldMy Better Self
ThriceBeggarsthe Weight
Sunny Day Real EstateThe Rising TideOne
Tall ShipsThere is Nothing But Chemistry HereBooks
Tall ShipsThere is Nothing But Chemistry HereBeanieanddodger
Tall ShipsThere is Nothing But Chemistry HereOde to Ancestors
Tall ShipsThere is Nothing But Chemistry HerePlate Tectonics
A Place to Bury StrangersOnwards to the WallI Lost You
Gauntlet HairGauntlet HairMop It Up
This Town Needs Guns26 is Dancier Than 4
GeographyUnreleased DemoDamn the Turk
This Will Destroy YouA Three-Legged Workhorse
For Those Who Can't WaitstLeaves of Grieves
Tell Balgeary Balgury is DeadDirty Old Town
Tell Balgeary Balgury is DeadYou Could DIe (or this might end)
Guided By VoicesLet's Go Eat The FactoryWaves
The Dead MilkmenThe King In YellowCold Hard Ground