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Riddle of SteelPythonA Dime for the Curse Jar
the twirpentinesGoodnight PorchlightAnchor vs. Water
Crash of RhinosDistalBig Sea
OnodrimWinter DemoBlackened Towers
glassjawWorship and TributeCosmopolitan Blood Loss
Is/IsThis HappeningDeath Treat
Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the DeafFirst it Givith
Shake the SheetsHeart Problems
Dropkick MurphysSing Loud, Sing Proud!Heroes from Our Past
the pit that became a towerstI Must Save the President
Rocket From The CryptLive From Camp X-RayI'm Not Invisible
Tabula RasaThe Role of SmithJust Guns And
This Will Destroy YouTunnel BlanketKilled the Lord Left for the New World
MuseMicro Cuts
The Mars VoltaFrances The MuteMiranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore: B. Pour Another Icepick
the gaslight anthemOrphans
Slowrides/tPanther 1
Nada SurfLet GoPopular
CriteriaEn GardeRide the Snake
The Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionNow I Got WorrySkunk
Family of the YearSt. CroixSt. Croix
Planes Mistaken for StarsStaggerswalloswell
Sound and ShapeTelegram
Foo Fightersthe Deepest Blues are Black
BraidCloser to ClosedUniverse of Worse
None More BlackFile Under BlackWith the Transit Coat On
Sounds Like ViolencestYou Give Me Heart Attacks
SwansChildren of GodYou're not Real Girl
Thunderball12 Mile High RemixedZeb