King Fiery Jaguar Paw with DJ Mikey C
Thu Jul 12, 2007 from 10:00 PM until 12:00 AM
Milford GravesGrand Unificationgrand unification
Daphne OramOramicsbrociliande
Caroliner Rainbowthe cooking stove beast????
Eugene ChadbourneThe History of the Chadbournes, Honky-Tonk Im Nacht Lokathird stone from the sun
Globe Unity OrchestraGlobe Unity 67 and 70track 2 excerpt
HeckerRecordings For RephlexPulsar Wg'lett; Precedence
Serpent Powers/tside 1 excerpt
Grachan Moncur IIINew Africaspace spy
John WieseSoft Punktrapped in a spell
Alastair GalbraithMirrorworksong to the third
My Bloody Valentineisn't anythingno more sorry
FunkadelicMaggot Brainmaggot brain
13 Gauge/Klatzker-Corsano Duo/Dieter Menkel3...2...1...zerowhole grain cherrios... a commitment to literacy
Sonic YouthDaydream Nation Delux Editionhey joni (live)
Luxurious BagsQuarantine Heavenlove letter
DungenTio Bitarfamilj
Fred FrithStep Across The Borderromanisches cafe
Dog Faced Hermansmetal blocks for all agespunjabi monster beat
Sunny MurraySunshine & An Even Breakflower trane
Steve ReidNovafree spirits unknown
Upsilon AcruxGalapagos MomentumWho's Running Shit
Last ExitHeadfirst Into The Flamesjesus, what gorgeous monkeys we are