King Fiery Jaguar Paw with DJ Mikey C
Thu Jun 28, 2007 from 10:00 PM until 12:00 AM
Miles DavisGet Up With Ithe loved him madly
ya ho wha 13penetrationho
Tom WaitsBone Machineblack wings
Dr Johngris grisgris gris gumbo yah yah
The Flesh Eatersprehistoric fitssatan's stomp
clear spotlow yo yo
Various ArtistsLove Peace Poetry (British)tony caro and john- there are no greater heroes
Serpent Powers/tside a, excerpt
SmegmaPigs For Lepersmadness mambo
ICP Orchestratentet in berlinansage/polizei
Various ArtistsLove Peace Poetry (British)Pussy- comets
Midnite SnakeShaving the Angelbigfoot 69
Various ArtistsLove Peace Poetry (British)Forever Amber- the dreamer flies back
13 Gauge/Klatzker-Corsano Duo/Dieter Menkel3...2...1...zero13 gauge-montana fix
Sonic YouthDaydream Nation Delux Editionelectricity/'cross the breeze
MonotractTrueno Oscurocafuy koka
HellaThere's No 666 In Outer Spacethe hand that rocks the cradle
Nels Cline/Chris Corsano/Carlos GiffoniGraduationexcerpt