Music Calendar

If you represent a Pittsburgh-related musician, band, or venue and would like us to list your event(s) in our music calendar, please send email with all the details (date, time, place, and performers) to

Note: Some venues or events may require masks or a COVID vaccine. Please check with the venue or event sponsor before attending.

Thu 06-30-22
7:00pm Government Center Abbie From Mars + Fig + Purgatory Hotties
8:00pm Club Cafe Yes Yes a Thousand Times Yes / Gentleman Speaker / Bikini Islands
Fri 07-01-22
5:00pm Backyard On 8th Yusef Shelton
6:00pm Stage AE Bowling For Soup, Less Than Jake, The Aquabats!, Don’t Panic
8:00pm Government Center Continuals + Sensor Ghost + Trace Remains
9:00pm Spirit Lodge 3D Day feat. False Positive, Scott Fry + Darth perm, Ancient History, DJ Liz Maday
Sat 07-02-22
5:00pm Backyard On 8th Savannah Shantell, DJ Inception & DJ Yamez
7:30pm Club Cafe Hemlock for Socrates / The Electric Grandmother / Dirt Room / Action Camp
Sun 07-03-22
12:00pm Backyard On 8th The Living Street, Kea
2:00pm Deepest Root J. Marinelli, Scratch N Sniff, Emptier, Flash Thunder
Mon 07-04-22
5:00pm Point State Park Squonk: Hand To Hand (Show 1 of 2)
7:00pm Point State Park Squonk: Hand To Hand (Show 2 of 2)
9:00pm Spirit Lodge Vision Video w/ Nite
Tue 07-05-22
5:00pm Backyard @ 8th & Penn Jazzlive presents: Max Leake and Weather or Not
5:00pm Stage AE Dirty Heads w/ SOJA, Tribal Seeds, Artikal Sound System
7:00pm Roboto Project Sissy Spacek with No/Más
7:30pm Crafthouse China Crisis
8:00pm Club Cafe An Evening With Séan McCann (of Great Big Sea)
Wed 07-06-22
6:00pm Spirit Hall Heavy Heavy Low Low w/ Duck Duck Goose, For Your Health, Thin
8:00pm Club Cafe Joshua Ray Walker w/ Meg McCree
8:00pm Thunderbird The Wrecks w/ Girlhouse, Mothe
Thu 07-07-22
6:00pm Crafthouse Rings Of Saturn w/ Extortionist, Distinguisher, Matt Miller
8:00pm Club Cafe Eilen Jewell w/ Steve Fulton
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Dallas Ugly, Alan Getto
Fri 07-08-22
5:30pm Stage AE Joe Russo’s Almost Dead
7:00pm Backyard On 8th Mon Valley Push
7:00pm Roboto Project Guppy
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Madball w/ Speed Plans, Submachine, Ringworm
8:00pm Carnegie Music Hall Of Homsestead Howard Jones w/ Midge Ure
8:00pm Club Cafe MELT / Ugly Blondes / Shop Till U Drop
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Luna Luna
8:00pm Government Center Country Westerns + The Long Knives + Strange Monsters
8:00pm Thunderbird Punchline – 25 Years w/ String Machine, Dissidente
Sat 07-09-22
5:00pm Backyard On 8th The Squirrel Hillbillies, Royce
7:00pm Black Forge Coffee Sounds for SisTers (Benefit) feat. Sommelier, Hearken, Thousandzz of Beez, Halloway Williams, and Shamar
8:00pm Club Cafe Roam Free w/ Fun Facts
8:00pm Government Center Murder For Girls + Dumplings + Inco Fido
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Argonauts (Album Release) w/ The Book Club, Dream The Heavy
8:00pm Thunderbird SummaLumma DJ Fest With DJ Femi feat. Wade Anthony, Slim The DJ, Khankuma, DJ Ash B, and Chosengifted
Sun 07-10-22
2:00pm Backyard On 8th Dan Bubien & the Delta Struts
7:00pm Crafthouse Darkest Hour w/ Zao, Bloodlet
7:00pm Government Center Unrecovery + Pluto In Furs + One Hundred Year Ocean
8:00pm Club Cafe Rett Madison
Tue 07-12-22
5:00pm Backyard @ 8th & Penn Jazzlive presents: David Throckmorton Quartet
8:00pm Club Cafe Goldpark w/ Orange Mammoth, Lifeguard
8:00pm Government Center Pigeon Pit + Caitlin Bender + Law Jaw
8:00pm Jergels ABC feat. Martin Fry
Wed 07-13-22
6:00pm Crafthouse Nu Metal Madness feat. (HED) P.E. w/ Crazytown, Adema, Flaw, Ire
6:00pm Stage AE Third Eye Blind w/ Taking Back Sunday, Hockey Dad
7:30pm The Forge Urban Winery Faux Fear, Vazum, Flower Crown, Hemlock for Socrates
8:00pm Club Cafe No Sleep For Zombies w/ Anton Ego, Ryane
8:00pm Jergels Asia feat. John Payne
10:00pm Arsenal Bowl June Star
Thu 07-14-22
5:00pm Backyard On 8th Libertoca
7:00pm Schenley Plaza Calliope presents Moe Taters and The Gravy Train
7:30pm Crafthouse Crawford & Power
7:30pm Government Center Heinous Bienfang + Aqua-D + Dj William
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Light The Torch w/ Moon Tooth, The Callous Daoboys, Ire
8:00pm Club Cafe Ames Harding / Different Places In Space / Mourning Sounds
Fri 07-15-22
6:30pm Stage AE Maren Morris w/ Brent Cobb
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Fires In The Distance w/ Ancient Torture, Gloom Doom, The Breathing Process
7:30pm Government Center Pop. 1280 + Death Instinct + Trovants + 2020k
8:00pm Club Cafe Bill Toms Acoustic/Storytelling Performance w/ Wil Kondrich
8:00pm Thunderbird Kenny Stockard (Album Release Show) w/ Deejay Aesthetics, Halloway Music
Sat 07-16-22
12:00pm Backyard On 8th John Marcinizyn
5:00pm Backyard On 8th Killifish
6:30pm Stage AE The Cult w/ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Zola Jesus
7:00pm Roboto Project Pictoria Vark + Keep for Cheap with Record Setter
7:30pm Oaks Theater The Living Street
8:00pm Club Cafe Lee Robinson & ISKA w/ Guitarist Tom Reilly from Band of Angels
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls MC Chris w/ Crunk Witch
9:00pm Thunderbird Ruff Ryders 17th Anniversary feat. DJ Big Phill, DJ Blakksteel
Sun 07-17-22
2:00pm Backyard On 8th Byron Nash
6:30pm Preserving Underground Dr. Acula w/ Curses, P.S. You’re Dead
7:00pm Roboto Project Carly Cosgrove with Biitchseat, Saint Agatha, and Shy Birds
8:00pm Club Cafe Chuck Mead w/ The Shootouts
Mon 07-18-22
6:00pm Crafthouse Decrepit Birth w/ Pathology, Unmerciful, The Stabbing
7:00pm Spirit Hall Spirit Of The Beehive
8:00pm Club Cafe Evan Isaac / Princess Nostalgia / Chandra Rhyme
Tue 07-19-22
1:30pm Stage AE Sad Summer Festival 2022 feat. Waterparks, Neck Deep, Mayday Parade, State Champs, Hot Mulligan, Against The Current, The Summer Set, Magnolia Park
5:00pm Backyard @ 8th & Penn Jazzlive presents: Roger Humphries + RH Factor
8:00pm Club Cafe Elf Power w/ E.R. Jurken
8:00pm Government Center Dog Date + Big Baby + Rex Tycoon
Wed 07-20-22
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Foxing w/ Greet Death, Home Is Where
8:00pm Club Cafe The Claudettes
8:00pm Thunderbird Chris Cain
Thu 07-21-22
7:00pm Stage AE Big Gigantic w/ MEMBA, Young Franco, Covex
8:00pm Club Cafe Haunted Summer w/ Glam Hand, Halloway Williams
8:00pm Thunderbird Tall Heights
Fri 07-22-22
7:00pm Roboto Project They Are Gutting A Body Of Water
7:00pm Stage AE The Pretty Reckless w/ Lilith Czar, The Warning
8:00pm Carrivo Brother Dege, Adam Faucett, Banjiboi
8:00pm Club Cafe TEOA (The End Of America) w/ Reliable Child
8:00pm Thunderbird Cabinet: Back In The Burgh (Night 1 of 2)
Sat 07-23-22
8:00pm Jergels Stryper
8:00pm Club Cafe Consider The Source w/ Daryl Shawn
8:00pm Thunderbird Cabinet: Back In The Burgh (Night 2 of 2)
Sun 07-24-22
6:30pm Spirit Hall Eighteen Visions w/ SeeYouSpaceCowboy, WristMeetRazor, Chamber
7:00pm Jergels 10,000 Maniacs
7:00pm Roxian Tim Heidecker and the Very Good Band
7:00pm Stage AE PJ Morton w/ DJ Arie Spins
8:00pm Club Cafe Owen w/ Rocket Loves Blue
8:00pm Thunderbird Cave In w/ Author & Punisher, Spotlights
Mon 07-25-22
6:00pm Stage AE Three Days Grace, Wage War, Zero 9:36
Tue 07-26-22
5:00pm Backyard @ 8th & Penn Jazzlive presents: Theron Brown Trio
7:00pm Crafthouse Telekinetic Yeti
8:00pm Club Cafe Dan Petrich (Album Release Show) w/ Pairdown
Wed 07-27-22
7:00pm Stage AE Lucy Dacus w/ Samia
8:00pm Club Cafe 87 Nights / The Stews w/ Native Alloys
8:00pm Crafthouse Anees
8:00pm Government Center Teenage Halloween + Chrissidente + The Book Club + Hotdog Water
Thu 07-28-22
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Killer Dwarfs / Roxy Blue / EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare)
7:00pm Roxian mewithoutYou w/ Why?
7:30pm Crafthouse Johnny Folsom 4 w/ 9 Volt
8:00pm Club Cafe An Evening With Slaid Cleaves
Fri 07-29-22
6:00pm Spirit Hall Grayscale / Guardin w/ The Ivy
7:00pm Bantha Experimental Guitar Night #24 featuring Joshua Marquez, Colter Harper, Sadie Powers, Fuzznaut, and KMFD
8:00pm Club Cafe Night Moves w/ Free Music
8:00pm Jergels Spider Gang
Sat 07-30-22
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Ghost Club w/ Kahone Concept, Fuller, Micky James
8:00pm Club Cafe Herbivore / Cherry Tree / Mourning Sounds / Jaxyn
8:00pm Thunderbird Afro Yaqui Music Collective: Send Off Celebration w/ Hugo Cruz & Caminos, Latin Sway
Sun 07-31-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Florist w/ Marc Merza
Mon 08-01-22
5:30pm Stage AE Coheed and Cambria w/ Alkaline Trio, MOTHICA
8:00pm Government Center Wailin Storms + T Tops + Painted Dog
8:00pm Thunderbird Giovannie & The Hired Guns w/ Blame My Youth
Tue 08-02-22
6:30pm Crafthouse Halocene w/ Lauren Babic
8:00pm Club Cafe Waylon Payne w/ Mark Steiner
Wed 08-03-22
7:00pm Roboto Project Gulfer with Anton Ego and Eyewash
7:30pm Crafthouse The Abrams
8:00pm Club Cafe Free Music Party w/ Carson East, Oh Gasm!
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Muna w/ Jensen McRae
Thu 08-04-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Dummy w/ Ex-Pilots, Rex Tycoon
8:00pm Jergels Baha Men
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre City Morgue w/ SSGKOBE
Fri 08-05-22
7:00pm Stage AE Charli XCX
7:30pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Elder w/ Ruby The Hatchet, Dreadnaught
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Northlane w/ Silent Planet, Loathe, Avoid
8:00pm Club Cafe Stephen Day w/ Josh Gilligan
Sat 08-06-22
6:30pm Preserving Underground The Stolen w/ Range Life
7:00pm Club Cafe An Evening With Daniel Champagne
8:00pm Cattivo Sky Creature, Frieda Abtan, Swampwalk
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Owth (Acoustic) ft. Seth Anderson
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Beasts of the Burgh: Chip & The Charge Ups, Black Ridge, Amplifiers, Johnny and the Razorblades
10:30pm Club Cafe Rev Ezra, DiLisio
Sun 08-07-22
3:00pm Club Cafe Rockout to Knockout Cancer ’22 Featuring Ray Powers, Moonshine Jasmie, 13Occult, Dead Danson, Jessica Bella Band, Craig Veltri, Noble Hops, EJ Fabiszewski, Willd Bill Cox and Michael Berkey
5:00pm Preserving Underground Steel City Slam feat. Blasting Reality, Amputated Genitals, Suppuration, Postmortal Obsession, Gangrenous Flesh Consumption, Impervious Mutation, Induced Depravity, Gravebirth
6:00pm Stage AE Collective Soul, Switchfoot
7:30pm Crafthouse King Lil G
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Devil Wears Prada w/ Stray From The Path, Dying Wish
Mon 08-08-22
6:00pm Stage AE Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine w/ Meshell Ndegeocello
Tue 08-09-22
6:00pm Crafthouse Goatwhore & Incantation w/ Bewitcher, Caveman Cult
6:00pm Stage AE A Day To Remember w/ Beartooth, Bad Omens
8:00pm Club Cafe Jamie Drake
Wed 08-10-22
7:00pm Club Cafe Offguard / Rushing Spring w/ Wolferd, Main Street Detour
Thu 08-11-22
7:30pm Crafthouse Creed Bratton
8:00pm Club Cafe Ryan Yingst and the Lucky Strikes w/ No Sleep For Zombies
Fri 08-12-22
8:00pm Cattivo A Giant Dog, Dumplings, Memory Front
8:00pm Club Cafe Al Olender
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Allissa
Sat 08-13-22
5:00pm Spirit Hall Steel City Ska Fest feat. The Toasters, Pilfers, The Irritating Stick (Reunion), The Burnrides, Soulios, Joystick
Sun 08-14-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Will Butler w/ River L. Ramirez
Mon 08-15-22
6:00pm Stage AE Dispatch, O.A.R. w/ G. Love
8:00pm Club Cafe Williams Honor
Tue 08-16-22
6:00pm Stage AE Dashboard Confessional, Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness w/ Cartel
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Murder By Death w/ Samantha Crane
7:00pm Roboto Project Lee Bains + The Glory Fires with Loamlands
8:00pm Club Cafe Seth Walker
Wed 08-17-22
7:00pm Crafthouse Giraffes? Giraffes!
8:00pm Club Cafe Begonia
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Shovels & Rope w/ Jack Broadbent
Thu 08-18-22
6:00pm Stage AE The Kid LAROI
6:30pm Preserving Underground Jungle Rot w/ Incite
7:00pm Schenley Plaza Calliope presents Well Strung
8:00pm Club Cafe A Will Away / Sleep Cycles w/ Story At Nine
8:00pm Spirit Hall Paul Cauthen
Fri 08-19-22
6:00pm Stage AE The Avett Brothers
8:00pm Club Cafe Acoustic Punk & Emo Sing-A-Long feat Anchors End, Brandon Lehman, Black Guy Fawkes, The Ghoswrite
Sat 08-20-22
6:30pm Stage AE Lauv w/ Haley Kiyoko
7:30pm Government Center The Veldt, Boy Wonders, Chameleon Treat
8:00pm Club Cafe Mark Dignam & The House of Song w/ Mirabelle Skipworth and The Brink Of, Ol Whitetail
8:00pm Thunderbird Action Camp (Record Release Show) w/ The Long Hunt, Fortune Teller, and Normal Creatures
Sun 08-21-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Chris Knight w/ Jason Eady
Mon 08-22-22
5:30pm Stage AE Anthrax & Black Label Society w/ Hatebreed
Tue 08-23-22
6:00pm Stage AE LANY w/ Surfaces
7:30pm Crafthouse Jake Miller
Fri 08-24-22
6:30pm Crafthouse Alesana w/ Palisades, Vampires Everywhere
Thu 08-25-22
7:00pm Roxian Teyana Taylor
8:00pm Club Cafe An Evening With Steve Forbert
8:00pm Jergels Right Turn Clyde
Fri 08-26-22
7:00pm Stage AE Thundercat
7:30pm Club Cafe The Dead End Streets w/ Dan Styslinger and the Wizards Of Lonliness, Will Kondrich (full band)
8:00pm Thunderbird André Costello and Forestry Division w/ Paul Luc
Sat 08-27-22
7:45pm Thunderbird Noah Aronson
Sun 08-28-22
8:00pm Jergels Stabbing Westward
Tue 08-30-22
6:30pm Stage AE Heilung
6:30pm KSD Radio Room Vic Ruggiero & Chris Murray w/ Sarah Ellis & Douglas Lopretto
7:00pm Roboto Project Human Issue
7:30pm Club Cafe An Evening with Tom Breiding
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre James Bay w/ Katelyn Tarver
Wed 08-31-22
7:00pm Spirit Hall The Beths w/ Rosie Tucker
Thu 09-01-22
7:00pm Roboto Project California Cousins, Ultra Deluxe, Not Your Friends, and Morning Dew
8:00pm Club Cafe Myriam Gendron
Fri 09-02-22
6:00pm Stage AE Jake Owen
Sat 09-03-22
6:30pm Stage AE The Shins w/ Joseph
7:00pm Roboto Project Rozwell Kid
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Thursday w/ Anthony Green
Sun 09-04-22
6:30pm Crafthouse Rolo Tomassi w/ Cryptodira, The Callous Daoboys
7:00pm Roxian Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs w/ Alvin Youngblood Hart
Tue 09-06-22
6:00pm Stage AE Interpol, Spoon w/ The Goon Sax
8:00pm Carnegie Music Hall of Oakland Crowded House
8:00pm Club Cafe S.G. Goodman
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Boris & Nothing
Wed 09-07-22
5:00pm Stage AE $uicideboy$, Ski Mask the Slump God, $NOT, Code Orange, Maxo Kream, DJ Scheme
8:00pm Byham Theater An Evening with Judy Collins
8:00pm Jergels Buckcherry
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Snail Mail w/ Momma, Hotline TNT
Thu 09-08-22
6:00pm Stage AE Jamey Johnson w/ Blackberry Smoke, Megan Moroney
7:00pm Roxian The Mountain Goats w/ Lilly Hiatt
7:00pm Schenley Plaza Calliope presents Bertha and The Belles
Fri 09-09-22
6:30pm Preserving Underground Upon A Burning Body w/ Signs of the Swarm, Vulvodynia, Decayer
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Front 242 w/ Red Lokust
8:00pm Thunderbird Avi Kaplan
Sat 09-10-22
9:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Earthless
Sun 09-11-22
8:00pm Club Cafe The Suffers
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Cass McCombs
Mon 09-12-22
7:00pm Stage AE Jungle w/ Paul Cherry
Tue 09-13-22
7:00pm Stage AE Idles w/ Injury Reserve
7:30pm Thunderbird Enter Shikari w/ Trash Boat, AViVA
8:00pm Club Cafe Holy Fawn w/ Astronoid, The Smokey Honey
Wed 09-14-22
5:00pm Stage AE In This Moment w/ Nothing More, Sleep Token, Cherry Bombs
7:00pm Roxian 311
8:00pm Club Cafe Andrea Gibson
Thu 09-15-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Possessed By Paul James
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Ezra Furman w/ Art Moore
Fri 09-16-22
8:00pm Jergels Here Come The Mummies w/ Saxquatch
Sat 09-17-22
7:00pm Roboto Project Crywank and Chastity
7:00pm Roxian Briston Maroney w/ Medium Build
Sun 09-18-22
8:00pm Jergels Quiet Riot w/ Dying Breed
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Homeless Gospel Choir
Mon 09-19-22
6:30pm Stage AE Zach Bryan w/ Charles Wesley Godwin
7:00pm Roxian Echo & The Bunnymen
Tue 09-20-22
6:00pm Stage AE Clutch w/ Quicksand, Helmet, JD Pinkus
7:30pm Crafthouse Modern English
8:00pm Thunderbird Renforshort w/ Joey Valence, Brae
Wed 09-21-22
6:00pm Crafthouse Forever Came Calling w/ Homesafe, Death Lens, Pollyanna
7:00pm Stage AE Marcus King w/ Neal Francis, Ashland Craft, Dean Delray
8:00pm Club Cafe Spill Tab w/ Boyish
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Get Up Kids w/ Sparta
8:00pm Spirit Hall Glaive w/ Aldn
Thu 09-22-22
6:00pm Stage AE Goo Goo Dolls w/ Blue October
8:00pm Jergels Mark Chesnutt
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Fri 09-23-22
6:00pm Stage AE The Avett Brothers
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre An Evening With They Might Be Giants (Night 1 of 2)
8:00pm Thunderbird Sueco w/ Lil Aaron, KILLBOY
Sat 09-24-22
7:00pm Spirit Hall Earth / Iceage
7:00pm Stage AE Pusha T
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre An Evening With They Might Be Giants (Night 2 of 2)
8:00pm Roxian Clannad
Sun 09-25-22
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Miss May I w/ Currents, Kingdom Of Giants, Landmvrks
8:00pm Thunderbird Brown Eyed Women
Mon 09-26-22
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre LA Dispute w/ Sweetpill, Pictoria Vark
8:00pm Thunderbird The 502s
Tue 09-27-22
6:00pm Stage AE Meshuggah w/ Converge, Torche
7:00pm Government Center Winona Forever + Pat Coyle
7:00pm Roxian The Gaslight Anthem w/ Tigers Jaw
8:00pm Club Cafe Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys w/ The Low Life Drifters
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Tessa Violet w/ Will Joseph Cook, Daysormay
8:00pm Spirit Hall Ricky Montgomery w/ Delaney Bailey
8:00pm Thunderbird Sierra Hull
Wed 09-28-22
7:00pm Carnegie Of Homestead Music Hall Little Feat
8:00pm Thunderbird Vista Kicks
Thu 09-29-22
7:00pm Stage AE Dustin Lynch
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls A Wilhelm Scream
Sat 10-01-22
5:00pm Roxian ANTIfest 2022 ft. Anti-Flag w/ Four Year Strong, Microwave, Heart Attack Man, Catbite
7:00pm Stage AE Doobie
Mon 10-03-22
7:00pm Roboto Project Alex Dupree, Annie Blackman, and S. Raekwon
Tue 10-04-22
7:00pm Stage AE Club Flor w/ The WLDLFE, Good Problem
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Contortionist w/ Rivers Of Nihil
8:00pm Spirit Hall Fontaines D.C.
8:00pm Thunderbird Sam Bush
Wed 10-05-22
8:00pm Thunderbird Southern Culture On The Skids
Thu 10-06-22
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Violent Femmes
Fri 10-07-22
8:00pm Crafthouse Supersuckers w/ Speedealer
Sat 10-08-22
7:00pm Roxian KennyHoopla w/ nothing,nowhere., Groupthink
8:00pm Thunderbird John Moreland w/ Caroline Spence
Sun 10-09-22
8:00pm Thunderbird Opiuo w/ A Hundred Drums
Mon 10-10-22
7:00pm Stage AE Death Cab for Cutie w/ Low
8:00pm Spirit Hall Rare Americans
Tue 10-11-22
7:00pm Stage AE King Princess w/ St. Panther
8:00pm Thunderbird St. Lucia
Wed 10-12-22
7:00pm Stage AE Giveon w/ Jenevieve, RIMON
Thu 10-13-22
6:00pm Roxian Mother Mother w/ Sir Sly, Transviolet
8:00pm Thunderbird Oso Oso feat. M.A.G.S. and Anxious
Fri 10-14-22
7:00pm Roxian Dylan Scott w/ Erin Kinsey
8:00pm Spirit Hall Algernon Cadwallader
Sat 10-15-22
7:00pm Roxian A R I Z O N A
8:00pm Club Cafe Tyrone Wells w/ Ellie Schmidly
8:00pm Jergels The Toadies & Reverend Horton Heat
8:00pm Spirit Hall Algernon Cadwallader
8:00pm Thunderbird Miyavi
8:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Viagra Boys / Shame w/ Kills Birds
Sun 10-16-22
7:00pm Crafthouse Agent Orange w/ Truckstop
7:30pm Jergels Poor Man’s Gambit
8:00pm Spirit Hall Origami Angel w/ Pool Kids, Insignificant Other
Mon 10-17-22
7:00pm Roxian The Airborne Toxic Event w/ Mondo Cozmo
7:00pm Stage AE Sabaton w/ Epica
8:00pm Jergels Michael Schenker w/ Eric Martin, Mages Of Eden
Tue 10-18-22
6:30pm Crafthouse Aesthetic Perfection
Wed 10-19-22
8:00pm Thunderbird Charlotte Sands
Thu 10-20-22
7:30pm Crafthouse Mac Sabbath w/ Speedealer, Lung
Fri 10-21-22
6:30pm Stage AE AWOLNATION w/ The Mysterines, Badflower
Sun 10-23-22
7:00pm Crafthouse Carbon Leaf
Tue 10-25-22
8:00pm Thunderbird The Joy Formidable w/ Cuffed Up
Thu 10-27-22
8:00pm Thunderbird William Clark Green
Sun 10-30-22
7:00pm Stage AE Two Door Cinema Club w/ Day Wave
Tue 11-01-22
7:00pm Stage AE Fletcher w/ Chappell Roan
Thu 11-03-22
7:00pm Stage AE Trampled By Turtles w/ Amigo The Devil
7:30pm Crafthouse Jeremy McComb w/ Southern Draw, Gary Burk III
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Cadillac Three w/ Everette
8:00pm Thunderbird Bartees Strange
Sat 11-05-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Wheatus w/ Fat Tony
8:00pm Thunderbird Penny and Sparrow w/ Annika Bennett
Sun 11-06-22
8:00pm Thunderbird KBong & Johnny Cosmic
Mon 11-07-22
8:00pm Thunderbird Rachael Yamagata
Tue 11-08-22
8:00pm Thunderbird Sun Room
Thu 11-10-22
7:00pm Crafthouse Venom Inc & Eyehategod
Fri 11-11-22
8:00pm Thunderbird Too Many Zooz w/ Yam Yam
Sat ll-12-22
7:00pm Spirit Hall The Happy Fits
7:00pm Stage AE AFI w/ Drab Majesty
8:00pm Jergels Kix
Sun 11-13-22
7:00pm Roxian Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Mon 11-14-22
8:00pm Thunderbird Black Lips w/ Bloodshot Bill, Minima
Wed 11-16-22
6:00pm Stage AE Turnstile w/ Snail Mail
Fri 11-18-22
8:00pm Spirit Hall Chloe Moriondo w/ Dreamer Isioma
Sun 11-20-22
8:00pm Jergels Winger
Wed 11-23-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Fleece
Fri 12-02-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Kelsey Waldon
Sun 12-04-22
8:00pm Spirit Hall Mclusky
Thu 12-08-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Twisted Pine w/ Dave Shepherd
Sat 12-10-22
7:00pm Roxian Peach Pit
Sun 12-11-22
8:00pm Club Cafe Stephen Kellogg
Wed 12-14-22
8:00pm Spirit Hall Whitney
Thu 12-15-22
8:00pm Jergels Rock This Town Orchestra
Sat 01-07-23
8:00pm Jergels Simply Queen
Tue 03-28-23
5:30pm Roxian Static-X, Fear Factory, Dope, Twiztid, Cultus Black
Tue 04-04-23
7:00pm Roxian VV
Sun 05-25-25
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Nothing, Nowhere w/ PoorStacy, CarolesDaughter, GucciHighWaters, Snarls