Contact the Training Director for more information about how you can get involved as a volunteer at WRCT!
Submit Music
Music submissions and questions related to submissions and charting can be directed to our Music Director.
Host a Program
Have an idea for a show? We're looking for people who can bring new program ideas and complement existing programming at WRCT. Email your ideas to the Program Director.
Promotions and Events
Questions about promoting your show or business as well as inquiries about performing in our studio can be directed to the Public Relations Director.
Event and concert announcements can be added to our radio and music calendars by contacting the Radio Calendar Director.
Mailing Address
1 WRCT Plaza
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Request Lines
On Campus: x8-WRCT (9728)
Off Campus: 412-621-WRCT
Business Line
Email Address For All Inquiries


General Manager
Josephine Sullivan
Staff Representative
Su Baykal
Business Manager
Kyle Henson
Operations Manager
Matthew Siko
Training Director
Joe Reilly & Kathy Lee


Chief Engineer
Matthew Baron
Production Director
Joe Reilly
Information Systems Manager
Matthew Baron


Program Director
Salem Hilal
External Music Director
Jordan Sucher
Internal Music Director
Jeremy Wheeler
Record Librarian
Dan Kusbit


Blues Director
Kevin Amos
Experimental Music Director
Steve Boyle
International Director
Carla Leininger
Hip-hop Director
Juan Lafontaine
Jazz Director
Josh Beyer
Metal/Loud Rock Director
Dan Bidwa
Reggae Director
Kevin Amos
Rock Director
Paul Nelson
RPM Director
Nancy Steadle

Public Relations

Public Relations Director
Jess Phoa
In-studio Director
Jess Phoa
Radio Calendar Director
Kirk Newton
Music Calendar Director
Nancy Steadle
Blogs Director
Allison Cosby

Public Affairs

Public Affairs Director
Kati Richer
Sports Director
Jim Graves
PSA Director
Doug Goffus
Carnival Director
Chloe Lula