MMW: Cabaret Voltaire

Artist: Cabaret Voltaire

Description: Proto-industrial gods, Cabaret Voltaire formed in Sheffield, England in 1973. Originally consisting of Stephen Mallinder on vocals and bass, Richard H. Kirk on guitar, keyboards, and sound manipulation duties, and Chris Watson on keyboards and tapes, Cabaret Voltaire took the philosophy of punk and pushed forward a music concrete approach to music. Accord to the Mallinder, “the manipulation of sound in our early days – the physical act of cutting up tapes, creating tape loops and all that – had a strong reference to Burroughs and Gysin; in terms of the Dada thing, there’s a similarity between the Dadaists’ reaction to the bourgeoisie and the war and our own position – we felt alienated from popular culture ourselves. I think those kinds of attitudes become embedded within you, but I’m not sure how it relates now…”

“Seconds Too Late” from Seconds Too Late
“Sluggin’ for Jesus” from Rip It Up and Start Again
“Yashar” from 2×45
“The Set Up” from Extended Play
“No Escape” from The Orginal Sound of Sheffield β€˜78/’82
“Nag Nag Nag” from Nag Nag Nag
“Landslide” from Red Mecca
“Sensoria” from Micro-Phonies
“I Want You” from The Covenant, The Sword, And The Arm

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