Too Evil to Have a Human Name

The Black Sabbath reunion has become not much of a reunion due to drummer Bill Ward pulling out because of problems with the contract he was offered. Not sure if I’m going to care about the new album or tour anymore. Can they write new songs and still capture the heavy swing that was so important without their drummer?

This is classic Black Sabbath, which no reunion can capture — especially without Bill Ward on drums:

In Pittsburgh there are some concerts and releases coming up that everyone should support:

A number of album release concerts: Fist Fight in the Parking Lot on February 25 at the 31st Street Pub, Invader on March 10 at the Smiling Moose, and Vulture on March 31 at the 31st Street Pub.

The Pittsburgh band Dream Death, who released a number of demos in the mid ’80s and one full length called Journey into Mystery, are reuniting and playing with epic doom metal band Argus April 21at the 31st Street Pub. Their sound was very Celtic Frost doomy thrash:

On Saturday, February 25 at The Shop in Bloomfield you can check out Winter’s Wake 2012 with a long lineup that starts at 2:30 p.m.:


I’ve been enjoying this track by the band Vitandus and look forward to their new EP Macabre Incarnate which will be released at Winter’s Wake. Listen to “Macabre Incarnate” here.

Until next time…